Welcome to the Human Language Technology Group at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University.

The Human Language Technology Group is part of the GSLT, The Swedish National Graduate School of Language Technology.
Within the Human Language Technology Group we develop efficient and resource lean NLP methods, resources and tools for information access and refinement using Language Technology for very large text sets, with a special interest in the medical domain. Our main focus is the Swedish language, but we also work with English and other languages.

Research areas

  • Text summarization
  • Text extraction
  • Text generation
  • Semantic modelling
  • Information retrieval with HLT techniques
  • Medical informatics with HLT techniques

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The ISBI course gives an insight into the techniques for information searching and news monitoring applied on the Internet. The course presents the fundamentals of Information retrieval and human language technology as well as business intelligence techniques (omvärldsbevakning) for example news archives and indexing tools, news alerts and agents, and RSS based news surveillance tools.

Internet contains a huge amount of information, which is rapidly growing at an ever increasing pace. People, organizations and corporations from the whole world are adding different types of information to the web continuously in various languages. The web therefore contains potentially very interesting and valuable information. This course will investigate various techniques for processing the Web in order to extract such information, refine it and make it more structured, thus making it both more valuable and accessible. These techniques are often referred to as web mining techniques.

  • Natural Language Processing, 7.5 hp, starting the fall 2012

Master thesis proposals

Ongoing projects

  • HEXAnord – HEalth teXt Analysis network in the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • Writing to learn in digital environments (WIDE)
  • Interlock: Stockholm – San Diego – Inter-Language collaboration in clinical NLP
  • Visualisation of comorbidity networks with Comorbidity-View

  • Past projects



    Contact: Martin Hassel